November 16, 2012

Show Us Your Map of Tassie Run

Run number: 1642
When: Monday 19 Nov 630pm
Hare: Tandem

Abel Tasman sighted Tassie on 24 November 1642, and so he decided to call in
on Coles Beach to celebrate the discovery. However, his iPhone equivalent of
the day saw him landed on Coles Bay instead. So to help Mr Abel in hindsight
we will proudly show the map of Tassie on Coles Beach on our run, run 1642,
370 years later. Everyone has to display a map of Tassie somewhere on their
body during the run (and no Hawthorn jumpers Cheeze).

Last Monday's run was a miraculous success with a good run and plenty of hot
pizza. Captain Crab did a marvelous job from the confines of Otto's Grotto.


Sample map of Tassie. It's all natural down there.

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