June 2, 2009

Forth Time Lucky

A pack of twenty or so set forth in Forth on an elusive trail set by a sleep-deprived Killer and sons.  At the first check the pack split three different ways, each calling “On!”, but soon returning to the check.  Much of the Forth metropolitan area was covered, with much head-scratching, ball-scratching and general loitering, before trail was at last located across the bridge.  Some courageous trail-setting by the hare utilised both sides of the same road, and what’s more he got away with it.  The last MC was up the Kindred road, with the On Home set a further kay or so up, to appease the runners.  A fine repast from the Killer family restaurant, a wry circle from the slippery lips of Foghorn, and a welcome return of the Rigged Raffle, courtesy of Flasher.  Froggie presented Killer with a disc of English Football’s finest moments, possibly one of the briefest recordings ever made.  Come on you Re-eds!  The stayers wrapped up the night with chocolate cake, port and bedtime fairy tales.

O! On!  Dini

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