June 19, 2009

Grunt 1000

Grunt urg ah BH3 1000th ugag!  Hrrm arr grr ughag hurr grmmmf.
Hhu mmrr gruff urk arrggle, ah Saturday 1:30pm hnmd grunc dranclurc 448 West
Mooreville Rd, Burnie.
Hrdump $25, grud, hrurrummp, arroooga, noo, urppl uh adrangarrr Slack Mac.
R*n: Saturday June 20th, 1.30pm
From: 448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie
Evening: Wear just your best skins and bones
On On, Feasting, Badge & Hat provided, BYO drinks.
Prehistoric value at only $25
Cavemen with big bones welcome
Cavewomen with appetite for big meat very welcome
UP AND CUMMING. († updated)
June 20 - Burnie H3 1000th
Jul 25-26 - Waratah Wild West Weekend
August 15-16 - Devonport H3's Tour de Pisse
September 9 - 7th Global Harriettes R*n (09/09/09)
October 17-18 - Burnie 10 weekend

On on

PS. And don't forget even more pressing from: Foghorn's setting our next run
from the Spreyton Cricket Club next monday!

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