June 3, 2009

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 general meeting

As soon as Tasmania was announced as host of Aussie Nash Hash 2011, people started to bring forward their thoughts on how to make it a successful event.  While all these ideas were welcome, we weren’t really ready to take note.

We are now.  The first general meeting of people wishing to assist in the organisation of Aussie Nash Hash 2011 will be held on Tuesday 16th June, starting at 7:00pm at the Italian Club, 77 Federal Street, North Hobart.

This meeting will be used to ‘brainstorm’ the various aspects that go to make up a good hash event in order to provide soon-to-be-appointed sub-committees with a brief on their allocated areas.  The bar will be open (buy your own) to assist in the process of making unintelligible scribblings on paper.

We realise that the holding of this meeting in Hobart on a weeknight precludes many northern folk from attending, however we do encourage participation from all hashers and will make available notes from the meeting to all clubs and interested persons for additional comment.

If you have half a mind (all that’s required to go hashing) to input into this event, please attend.

If you have further questions, please contact publicity hound Herr Flick or any of the other more appropriate persons listed below.

On! On!
Lone Arranger

Aussie Nash Hash 2011 GM

Lone Arranger – 0429 346 266 or faulks42@bigpond.com
Herr Flick
0438 340 564 or herrflick@netspace.com
0407 876 567 or dini@dhash.com
Bloody Mary 0409 421 467 or mary.hey@MyState.com.au
– 0418 143 481 or grizzly@dhash.com

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