April 9, 2011

Run a Duck!

Huge run (speaking for myself) from Flasher's place was followed by a huge meal from Flasher's kitchen (supplemented by delectable bits by Dini). Walker's never saw their on home as they were too slack to brave the dark night. That's right, it was dark! No moon, no nothing. Summer time had run it's course and it was back to torches again. GoneAgain almost kept up with the running pack with his duck-feet barefoot runners, and complained about his calves for the rest of the week.

Next run from Bastards Place: 6 Adina Court Penguin

Also, GoneAgain is promoting ICE for iPhones. If you have an iPhone and like to have a 'lock screen' showing an emergency number (ie. yer mate) to call (so people can see that number without needing to unlock your phone), email iceman@mylousyjob.com and donate handsomely to his beer-fund. It is also handy in case you loose your phone so honest finders can call the emergency number to return your phone.

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