April 22, 2008

Gosh Darnit

Technology for you... Did a recent update of the firmware for my N95 phone and sure enough the GPS function no longer worked. So according to my **paper-weight** (something it is always good for even when the batteries are flat or I forget to turn it on) we started at an unspecified location, and ran 0 kms over a 47.13 minute time period. We burned no calories.
When I wanted to show Prickle my sexy toy, advertising how it was far superior to the Windows Mobile operating system, it did not know where I was... and I realised that Houston we have a problem. Prickle left the scene dissatisfied and unfulfilled, and I was left standing in the cold with my useless toy in hand.

I fixed it today, so should be in action again next time... And who has my little Olympus camera? If it has any poop left on it I will be upset.


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