April 6, 2008

Murchison HOFT

Phew, what a hike that was. Pushed my boundaries! According to my Nokia N95 we climbed from 745m. to 1275m. and was 10.44km each way. I don't believe it (mostly because I know it is 4kms each way according to <this website>! It took us a good two hours to get up. On the way down we took 1:45hr. as we charged to the car to get to the Warratah pub quicksmart. Home for tea despite advertising the food to the tourists drinking at the hotel!

Dyke, Dint, GoneAgain, Foghorn and Tracka were ready for it today. Although we were all happy to offer our lap to Prickle in case she showed up in Tuyllah on her bike she slept in! Bit hazy for the camera, but really was an awesome day.

Not for the faint of heart! Spotted one little snake...

Click on photos to see a slide show or click <here>.

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