January 15, 2008

The Young Ones

The North West Coast’s most senior hashing Twins celebrate significant birthdays next week. Tinsel and Ringo (and indeed who could tell them apart) invite Hashers and other well-heeled hangers-on to join them for a commiserative barby, swim and drinks to help celebrate their respective milestones.

Saturday January 26th, from 4pm.
448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie.
BYO drinkies.

No gifts please, unless they are a walking stick with a stubby holder and a bell on it. Some overnight accommodation available on request.

Don’t miss this Once in a Decade opportunity.

On On


Anonymous said...

there should be plenty of comments!! Words fail me at the moment!! I'll think of some... keep watching this space!

Anonymous said...

Not that we are being competitive or anything, but the eloquent Burnie blog site has 7 comments on this posting already. Can anyone else besides FC and Gone Again at DH3 actually write?

P.S.Birthday greetings to the two concerned - the share market is under pressure tonight due to increased world-wide demand for candles.

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