February 15, 2010

Flasher's Les-bian Experience

From Lesbian's luxury abode at McCabe Avenue the trail ( and Feels on Wheels) plummeted to Watkinson Street and thence into the Don reserve walking trails. Phasing in and out of the suburbs and the bush, various Hash packs ended up passing through a Non-Piss stop at Coles Beach(weak as Piss), Don College grounds, the aquatic centre, the railway line, and a few other back streets they never knew existed.

A Bit of This found her next canine companion along the path, and is now sourcing a super-size on the Winnebago. Hope there is room for the owner, too - he was quite cute.

It took a long time to get back to the beer, and everyone seemed to get there by a different root although there was only one home trail. Lesbian made us all very welcome. Lots of chips, lollies, sausages and other healthy food later, there was a raffle that only Mable wanted to win, but Feels on Wheels got the gong and the wine, even though the best prize for the night was clearly not the wine but the half full jar of pickled onions won by Bald Eagle.

Hand Job plied her trade on the Hare's overworked palms until he begged for mercy.
Next weeks r*n is from Mullet's house, 215 Stony Rise Road, Don. Head for Dell Luck Reserve but if you get there you've gone too far.

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