February 24, 2010

Bad Form

They do say that if you can't be good then be bad, but at least be good at it! Well, this week's run this principle was well adhered to. Mullet set a run through gorse and prickles and showed no remorse for it. She led the runners through private property and up the Don Heads, and made sure we were well fed on our return.

Dint didnt even have to try his best to offend, and Poxy (still trying hard to be the main sponsor of the Wrigged Wraffle) tried to pawn off expired shop vouchers as prizes. Flasher, willing to stoop as low as accepting outdated calendars as raffle prizes was not going to take this. So after the gourmet feed had prepared Poxy was suitably defamed in public with a customary down-down - see video in the album if you click below...

From Mullet's Hash Run into the Don
Next run (March 1) is a LunarHash run from 66 Turners Beach Road - Thrust's tent. Still starting at 630pm, and we'll moon the moon around 9pm.

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