January 13, 2016

Run Number Something or Other (11/1/16)

Maggie used his laser designed dribble dropper to disperse flour between two townships i.e. Turners Beach and Leith. Firstly through the scrub to the railway and then across the bridge to Leith. 

After a devious “root” including a 2 K false trail the walkers returned via their outward trail and the runners were invited to traverse the Forth River. Two didn’t accept the invitation and Crow was nearly lost at sea.
Crow provided the tucka (takeaways from Oz-Rock) which was great.
The lippery was conducted by Cheese in FCs absence. I think everyone had a “down” except Eagle ‘cos he’s always a Goodie Goodie.
Tinsel decided not to wear The Hub on account of Tracka forgot it. Think she won it again for next Monday. Raffle was run and won by Icant Remember. (One of Killer’s mates).
Thanks to all. See you in the great outdoors at Port Sorell.


Next Monday's Hash (18/1/16)

Will be hosted by Knickers and Rachet from The Rootunder at East Esplanade, Port Sorell. Usual time with motor bike contingent leaving Crows at 6.00pm.

Eweturn & 99 enjoying the great outdoors of Airlie Beach. A reasonable excuse for absenteeism from hash.

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