August 10, 2009

Cheesed Off

Cheese sat an unusually good run again. Even Killer was satisfied. The food was exemplary thanks to Dini making a grand effort. The on-on was uneventful except for the odd events.

What are they watching? A pole dancer?

Some people give Hash a bad name, and that bad name is not Dennis, it was in fact...

Flash! It was Flash who got the Full Moon Hash to run past the Advocate Office in Devonport last Thursday to harass Dint working late. His colleagues called the police when he saw us thugs descend on Dint.

Next run is the Tour de Piss!!! Be at Crow's OzRock Inn Restaurant in Ulverstone (Beach Road) next Saturday (August 15) at 130pm on yer broom-broom for a 2pm departure. Monday's (17 Aug) run is Poxy and PB's - who will be rosy cheeked after their wedding anniversary trip to the Philippines... but they'll be back in Cambridge Ct, Devonport, off Eugene Street...
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