August 4, 2009

Thruster and GoneAgain

GoneAgain set a run through Turners Beach, showing local sights not seen before. The trail was set on shredded confidential financial records of Thrust's. Runners missed a refueling opportunity on Stubbs Road (pictured above in daylight). Despite the full(ish) moon illuminating the desecrated land, it was still pitch dark where those punters who elected to run ran had to traverse muddy expanses.

Thrust cooked up a storm, complete with quiche and curry. Down-downs were duly imposed on offenders even though all were drinking out of their own volition. The Rigged Raffle was well and truly Wigged, but no one cared as the prizes seem more like punishment to those who are lumped with them. Favourites in the raffle are ice-cubes and sweatbands of which Flasher has 23,541 more.

Next run is the LunarHash at the war memorial along the Mersey in Devonport: <click here>. Next Devonport Hash run will be set by Cheese from the rowing club in Ulverstone.

Oam GA

PS Tonnes of shredded financial records and confidential love letters and porn is still left over if anyone needs a good puzzle.
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