August 17, 2009

Next Run from the Big Apple

Poxy's trail kept the walkers and runners together, PB's tucker fed us well. GoneAgain safely and competently led the Burnie walkers up the garden path back to the OnOn, but tried to poison the food with Hawaiian Hot Chili sauce.
Poxy and PB were well tanned for today's Hash, we now understand why they picked to set the run days after returning from the Philippines. Poxy was quick to take off his shirt to don thewigged waffle t-shirt he won.
Next run set by FogHorn (the Gross Pom according to Dint who is now banished from attending FogHorn's run) from the Big Red Delicious in Spreyton,

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A Bit of This said...

I had to 'down' for 55 r*ns last night.... fine.. but according to my comprehensive list of Hash r*ns I have done 62 r*ns with DH3... For verification I have them all down in my diary!!! along with other incriminating evidence.. challenge me if you dare!!!

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