February 17, 2016

Been There Done That:

Run No 1809 was hosted by Cistern in freezing weather. (well not quite that bad). The walkers and runners endured the hills of West Ridge, Penguin to find, or not find, the HHH. Some short-cutting walkers only went one block and returned to the sanctuary and the warmth of the Hash House.

The raffle was run and won by CRAFT.

Lip FC gave downs for various multiple and other nefarious activities and Bastard was awarded The Hub again because of the strap adjustments he had spent hours getting right. It was considered dis-respectful that he only wore it for one block.
Thank you Cistern for the run and the splendiferous on-on.

Guardy will be away until the 20th March but you will still receive your Sunday Texts from his outdated mobile phone.

Upcuming Runs

No 1810: 22/02/16 ~  Hare Crab is setting from Ottos’s Grotto Ulverstone

No 1811: 29/02/16 ~ Tracka and Tinsel from Coles Beach, Devonport

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