March 30, 2016

Next Week’s Run No 1817

Next Week’s Run No 1817

Hare’s Apparent:  Tracka & Tinsel
When:  Monday 4th April @ 6.30 for 6.45 take-off
Where: Bell’s Parade, Latrobe
Bring: Torch and warm clothing

Run No 1816

Fifteen Hashers gathered at Scurrah Street for a feisty foray.
(in the warmth of the gas heater we wanted to stay)
We trecked under the Underpass as quiet as mice
then along the highway for kilometres thrice.
Then up the banks and across a paddock,
(and for the on-on we didn’t have haddock.)
Poor Flasher got caught in an electric fence
and “flashes” ensued for some moments hence.
Eventually all returned to FC’s
for gourmet stew without any peas.
Rhubarb and apple topped with ice cream
was just what we needed to boost our esteem.
Down downs ensued and raffle won,
it was all over before it begun.
Crow has the hub for run 1817 –
if he don’t wear it he won’t go to heaven.

Thanks FC

Receding Hareline:
Run 1818:  11/04  Bastard TBA
Run 1819   18/04  Soff TBA
Run 1820   25/04  GV TBA

Trailmaster Dint is looking for Hares for May. Please consider.

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