March 24, 2016

Run 1814 Report

Due to the Basslink Cable being in a state of non-function Lantern had to re-route the Hash because of excess water flow in the Wilmot River. We therefore have something to thank Basslink for, because we didn’t get our shoes wet.

Lantern’s trail roughly followed the river downstream before heading for the hills. We gained altitude so quickly that Eagle’s nose bled and Overdose had to take big breaths. Then a sudden descent down a Mountain Bike Trail over ramps, jumps, logs, roots and sliding ironstone pebbles. To the delight of all the daring dashers the trail came out of the jungle to the smell of Lantern’s delectable delicacies roasting on the portable oven and a welcoming fire.

What a feast!! (Lantern is taking reservations for any upcoming hasher’s wedding reception catering)

Lip FC conducted his usual Lippery with Bastard being awarded The Hub for not wearing it. (I think). Tracka’s raffle held Hashers breathless while the lottery was  overseen by the duty government supervisors.

Thank you Lantern.

On On!!

Run No. 1815 - 28th March

Hare FC will be setting from 4 Scurrah St. Ulverstone. Usual start time of 6.30ish. No special instructions other than bring left over Easter Eggs!

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