February 12, 2014


As I will be away for a couple of Mondays, I thought I should let everyone know the upcoming runs.

  • Monday 17th February  -  Soff & Landing                  
    from 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach (this is Soff’s 99th birthday when he is standing on his head!)
  • Monday 24th February  - TF & HB                               
    from  23 Taroona St., Hawley
  • Monday 3rd March   - Fanny May & GA             
    from  Moorlands Beach. Exact location to be advised
  • Monday 10th March  - Dint                                      
    from    Stoodley area. Exact location to be advised
  • Monday 17th March  - Crab                                      
    from    Ottos Grotto, Ulverstone
  • Monday 24th March  - Lantern                                               
    from    Lantern’s Place unless otherwise advised
  • Monday 31st  March  - Black Tracka & Tinsel      
    from    I can’t remember (the on-on is there as well)
Thank you to all the recent hares. We have had some great trails and on-ons.

Please note that it was decide last Monday night to increase the “run” cost to $15 and do away with the raffle. This will happen from and including the run on the 3rd March.


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