October 13, 2008

Who takes it up the what?

Killer's set an exploratory run today, we went through paddocks over and under elctric fences, had a drink stop, played a game where half of us were sent away while the others got beer and champagne and then the others could come back, then Dini tied ripped bed-sheets together and Cough beat up Flasher. Rules? Refer to Hash Rule number 1 and Hash rule number 3: No Rules!

5.5km of up and down and around in 55 minutes of frollicking. We had a 40m elevation gain for the runners and 20m. for the walkers.

Who rubbed off the name? Mabel?

I don't think it was Mabel who got it up the ars$, I think it was Dyke!

Dint's hand writing! This is the same font they use at the Advocate.
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