October 19, 2008

HOFT Extreme Event

The date has been set: Sunday 16 November
LEVEN CANYON - Gunns Plains to Loongana, 14 km, 12 hours (seriously!).

This is a slow and somewhat arduous section of trail, especially when rain makes the steep sides of the gorge slippery. This section should be spread over two days to take full advantage of the wild river views and excellent campsites in this compact wilderness. Of course we will just battle through in one day, so no need to bring tents.

Disclaimer notes and legal advice pending. All complaints can be directed to tracker AT dhash DOT com!

More info <here>.

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Anonymous said...

Yeh i only got halfway through this bit (LAST MONTH). it is pretty tough but i feel i could do it in a solid 8-10hr push. its great fun. i would love to come! hopefully i have the day off. The track is very slippery and narrow in bits with some trees that have fallen over the track, i did half of the track in 4 hrs, wet as and hail with a 5 day pack on, i think it would be much quicker with a dry pack and a smaller pack.
Hopefully i can get on this hike. are you doing the burnie 10? i am, hopefully going to run the whole 10km. hope i go alright and dont need an ambulance!
see ya

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