June 18, 2013

Burnie Stalkbook

Latest intelligence received from the Burnie FacebFacestalk page:
Next Sunday (ed. 23 June BedPan!!) will be the Sooper Dooper Full Moon for Loonies... soooooo Burnie Hash have coerced the Grand Loon himself into setting trail at 5.30pm from the waterfall at the end of Marine Terrace (near the Beach Hotel). LoonRhashers will join us there at 6.30pm for a short stroll set by Bastard and a meal at the Beach Hotel for everyone paid for by themselves. A well attended r*n from Parklands school yesterday when Ratchet found yet another use for Hash Hardly!!! 
A reminder to all Hashers from our friendly Flight Centre Agent: Early Bird fares for Europe (ed. Belgium/Holland NashHash!) next year will be released in mid-October... start saving NOW!!!! On-on.

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