September 29, 2009

Fancy dress?

That's right, some of our hashers came in fancy dress. Geelong's victory was long wiped from our memories (what more than 24hrs ago they won), but still the clowns insist on dressing up!

Mable cooked his best ever meal for us tonight by sticking to the KISS principle and multiplying it by 10, and the run... well, I walked and ended up at Mollies for a beer with Bastard, Killer and Captain Crab. Maybe I forgot to look for flour. There were no complaints, except of course about the wigged-waffle which was conducted totally unfairly, giving all the best prizes to some birthday chick in need of a leg opener; Pioneer walked off with a memorable beer glass and a bottle of pink Cowgirl. Oh, and ahum, Dint 'won' the beanie that said he was good in bed - as he can stay in it for days...

Next week's run is set by Bastard in Penguin, from the Motocross just before the hole in the road.

Also don't forget, this weekend, October 2-4, is H5 1500th/Oktoberfest @ Bronte Park: $70 gets you meal, accommodation and grog, RSVP to H5's Sonar on 0415 164 748 . And LoonR Hash is celebrating the full moon this Sunday 4/10/2009 with Ringo's run in Burnie... Ringo will post location details when he gets around to paying for their power-bill (Dini still thinks it was the storms).

Mister GA

PS Flasher just reminded me Ringo is setting LoonR Hash from Romaine Park in Burnie.

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