September 27, 2011

Medal-winning Boredom


Cheese set us a run through the Ulverstone Streets with little floury aitches, just so we would not confuse them with last week's TdP trail. This worked nicely for everyone except Flasher, who could not find any trail, old or new. After waiting out in the cold for a good 20 minutes in the pathetic hope someone would care enough to come looking for him, he gave in and legged it home. Meanwhile the pack had violated Cheese's fridge and were warm and toasty in front of the fire. Footy franks and pies set the classy tone of the evening's entertainment, a night of squinting at an extremely analogue ancient TV perched above the toilet door. The object? To try and spot a bit of decent cleavage among a sea of neanderthal Bronlow Medal contestants. At Round 12 the boredom reached excruciat, and about half the pack deserted. The stayers endured it to the bitter end, establishing that none of them had won the sweep. Still there was beer and chocolate cake so it wasn't all bad.
Next week Bald Eagle will kick off the first run of the summer, Monday October 3rd, 6.30 pm, starting from Dell Luck Reserve at Don.
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