September 2, 2011

Feel the Pain

Thrust was caught on candid camera recently looking very competitive
in the Sydney City to Surf. She is back amongst the land of the living
and may grace us with her pressence at Feels on Wheel's place next
monday 5 September - 11 Riverside Avenue at the Stone.
Last week's Pizza Fest at Bald Eagle's was a bit of a reunion, as all
the overseas travellers made it back in one piece - except Thrust who
was running late... (dejavu?).

Run? Yep, there was one. Yep wasn'nt there despite that last
statement). Walk? Yep (who? No, Who wasn't there either), we walked a
long time. Most walkers hashed home early, only the true believers
made it all the way to the HHH at Koff's place. Onya Trakka, GoneAgain
and Ringo. Next time you better run.

Maybe next week we will have a Where Are They Now session on dHash and
shame previous Hashers out of their hiding places for summer!
Suggestions of roque runaways gone AWOL? Dob in your mate, email with name/details and other dirt.

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