April 9, 2012

Ninja Hashers

Ninja Hashers were not seen around Devonpprt tonight because they were so incredibly stealthy under the cover of darkness. Following a flour trail set by Dyke in and out of the gutters (you listening Tinsel?) of Devonport, through The Don and back to the dilapidated and now closed Aquatic Centre where no other daros dare hang out. We didn't loiter around in the cold either and wasted no time getting our butts down the road to Dyke's Den in the Shadow of the Tiers.

Highlights of the night included UFO getting the ups and downs from Cheese and MatchSticks playing dress-ups using various used apparel including Poxy's poxy sox. Dini was awarded the virtual hub which will now forever live in Burnie Hash's war chest. A holy Easter raffle, fully rigged and without porn, completed our Easter run.

Next week's run from Cheese's fortress; Amherst Street, The Stone.

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