April 27, 2012

Next R*n @ High Tide

This week's r*n is being set by Black Tracka from the Waterside Function Centre (Old High Tide Restaurant), Devonport Road. Wear odd sox, bring a torch, batteries which fit the torch, $10 plus change for the fabulous wrigged wraffle.

6.30, Monday April 30th.

On! On!

Oh, and PS, from GA, run report from Din't run: After a false checkpoint (a first?) we got on the road to roam around East Devonport heights. Woodfires kept GoneAgain coughing loudly whilst Soff lurked softly behind on his crutches. The runners made it pretty much down to the river and had a good run. The OnOn at Dint's place was the usual BBQ with Beer consumed in a haze of plastic fumes from the fire which was liberally fed with hydrocarbons and treated pine. A good time was had by all despite Cheese running the entire proceedings for the night.

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