September 22, 2012

Hash Monday 24thSeptember

Hi All,
Late notice is better than not at all. Any complaints forward to Web Wanker GA last heard of in Cambodia, even though his passport was soaked & his photo was un-identifiable!!!

6.30pm is the time, Ulverstone Yacht Club is the place to see the pack take off at their usual blistering pace!
Ok I haven't been for awhile!!!

OnOn is at non other than the gloating Cheese's fine establishment at 33 Amherst Street for a night in front of the box for the BrownLow draw or whatever they do.

In addition to the usual grub & raffle money, $2 if you wish to be in the Brownlow sweep thingy!

Even if you aren't interested in footy, take this opportunity to annoy the piss out of Cheese with loud cheering at inappropriate times!!

Oh, there is a theme, wear your footy club colours, it is rumoured if anyone is not in Hawks paraphernalia they won't win any of the outstanding raffle prizes!!


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