August 30, 2012

Make a Note of That

Many retirees insist that they are busier than they have ever been before, and this was clearly the case with Flasher, finding that he just didn't have time to set a trail.  A note r*n saw both the wa*king and r*nning packs scurry off down the street toward Cheese's house, clutching a handful of envelopes. At the base of the zigzag path, the wa*kers stopped to read their next clue.  Zero metres and several envelopes later, the instruction was On Home. Poxy decided that the dog hadn't had enough exercise and chose a longer route home, and the wa*king pack joined him.  On the way home they met Cheese on a parallel mission, having split from the r*nning pack to put a bit of extra length into his nightly exercise (and nothing wrong with that, I say).
Back at the Flash mothership a lavish spread awaited, wrapped up by a delicious  low calorie dessert. Raffle winners were rife, and the prizes priceless. The DVDs are down to four hour versions, are we trying to cut down?  
Next week's Hare is Cheese from his house in Amherst Street, Ulverstone, with Dini chained up in the kitchen.  Monday September 3rd, 6.30pm.
On! On! Dini

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