August 9, 2012

Bald Eagles Cummin of Age

OzRock hosted Bald Eagle's 1300th run. For the occasion he was given a drink.

Oh yes, we also did a bit of a sprint around the block. Walkers took an hour, probably because en-masse the walkers headed off on the first false trail out the door whilst the runners, who took half an hour for the run, took off in the right direction. Anyways, a well hidden On Home under the Ulverstone Phallic was found by both packs, but not well understood by some runners who were still enthusiastically sniffing for flour as they trailed behind the FRBs.

So anyways, Crow cooked us twice baked spuds and other goodies which were elegantly served up by young Michael, his mum and his dad, a family affair. Flasher conducted a terribly tasty  raffle and handed out obligatory porn. Super Sal came along for Bald Eagle's special occasion and brought along a virgin. He was named Ringer - pictured below. Ringer is a Lions Club member who is defecting to us, just as Fanny May did during the height of the GFC! OnOn Ringer!

Next run at Fanny May's home! 10 James St Devonport.

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