September 27, 2012

The Brownlow hosted by Cheese!

The Brownlow run, it was a Faaaq freezing evening, the Hare directing the Runners one way & the Walkers tother:

Cheese received a rowdy here, here for a trail that nooo-one could find, much to the disgust of Cheese.
Some followed hearts & arrows, others followed old H signs, the walkers arrived back to the car park to find Flasher running around in circles, seems as though he didn't even find his way out of the car park!

Back to 33 Amherst to the well guessed menu, savs & pies.  D Bri being vego asked about his cuisine to be told there was a vegi sav somewhere in the pot!!  Luckily for D Bri chicken pies appeared.

The lip was held briskly during ad brakes, don't really know why as you will see from pics, no one except maybe poxy gave a dam.  Poxy ready to climb into bed in his "saints???" dressing gown, awww! Spud in the horizontal position felt faint after seeing the scantily clad babes & Tug's raffle win, porn cover!
Down downs were light on, not even the Birthday Girl PB received one.
The wrigged raffle was the highlight of the evening the happiest recipient of Pawn we have ever seen went to Tug - say no more!

The excitement was too overwhelming for some :_ Crab was cradling his chocolate coated Teddy Bears!!
As you can see everyone else could hardly keep there eyes from the screen, De Bri winning the $40 booty from Dint's sweep.
 Cheese has one of the tidiest houses ever, & looked the part as the perfect kitchen bitch, although at the site of the almost fluoro orange gloves, "maybe even glow in the dark, eek" the female's took there leave!!!

Next weeks run, Monday 1st October is from Poxy & PBs, Eugene Street Devonport, the usual 6.30pm

 It will be the Hash celebration for Poxy's up & coming 60th, Birthday Butt Plugs mandatory as are BYO chairs. Poxy & Thrust share the same birth date, so we'll save your down down Thrust!  Promise we won't put dodgy ice cubes in warm beer :)

Fanny May

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