October 6, 2012

HHH Meet Monday 8th October, 2012

Hello Fellow Hashers,

Last Mondays Hash was set by Hare Poxy who was in fine birthday spirits handing out Willies Kentish Ale on arrival (last of the Grandfinal Keg).  Hash Grub from PB, at last some real sausages & hambuggers from the 4way butcher, (v noice)  an independent butcher worthy of patronage - no I'm not related!

Can't Stop from South bestowed us with his presence & received 2 down downs, 1 for turning up, the other for not sure of trail & mentioning out loud I'll just follow that "old bastard" poor Maggie :(

We have a new Hasher (we're sure she's an alias) as she managed to win/steal/cheat/acquire, yes 4 prizes all in that order, um, garden ornaments, other Hashers prizes, etc. etc.  Read an extract from Hash songs about how she loved Cock, recited with 100% passion & gestures, the men "Mesmerised".  Here's too BedPan a worthy Hasher.

FannyMay luckily made 2 Birthday cakes, thinking 2 birthdays, was duly given a downdown, as there were in fact 4, Happy Fuck You B'days, to Tracka, Pioneer, PB & Poxy.

Next weeks run, Monday 8th October, our first Daylight savings run & the winner is Tracka.
RUN from Henry Somerset Conservation Reserve, Railton Road.  Some may need torches !!!!
ONON back at Tracka & Tinsels.


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