October 13, 2012

Hash 8/10/2012

Don't know where Hash is 15th October, see GV's Post Below:

Hash 8/10/12 set by Tracka was memorable, well at least for Bald Eagle, who now has to fly tandem for a number of weeks!!!!!

Hash Grub was also memorable, Tracka failed to burn sausages, & Tinsel served up not 1 but 2 Apple Crumbles, that were scoffed without even a burp, well maybe one or two :)

Welcome back to Devonport Hash:- A Bit of This:-

There's a fine Budda:- Oooh & a very cute Killer, did I say that out loud !!!!!

Nuff of that, so we don't end up with a duck show like last week, GoneAgain has given my his proxy as Joint Master "until 6th November". Sooooooooo after some DISCUSSION, about Christmas venues for our Christmas Dinner.

I have booked Hash House Harriers Devonport & hopefully all Hash House Harriers Burnie,  into 2 venues, "yes 2, NO, we're not having separate dinners, safer to book both at this stage, easier to cancel that to book".

Molly Malones & The Bridge Forth, for Monday 17th December, the very last order for a meal to be placed by 7.45pm at either establishment, they both know we are Hashers & we are very welcome, but don't want the place totally trashed :)

Forth don't usually open Monday nights for counter meals, but for a large number, i.e. approx. 35 they will!

Some made mention about East Devonport Yacht club, as a private function, I can follow this up if you wish? Many wanted Hash to also supply a bus, I'll leave that to other Joint Master Maggie :) Lantern may be able to help for small numbers.

OK you've something to think about, before Monday night & Burnie Hash, Sunday pm.


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