July 19, 2012

Killer's Cake

An excellent trail was laid by Killer and imitation Chinese takeaway was made by LB. Killer laid enough flour down to make a cake a mile, but the rain washed it all away. Whether he actually set a run or not we're not sure, but the brave runners said they saw some evidence of soggy flour, but the walkers saw none on the way to the pub and back.

LB's imitation Chinese food was in fact a really nice stir-fry with rice, it was just served in Chinese takeaway paper baskets and a bottle of sweet chili sauce to fool us. Cheese, fresh bread, crackers other appetisers, desert, Stones ginger wine... and a poorly rigged raffle to end the night.

Next run from Church Street in East Devonport at Dint and 'Koffs place. Bring the gas masks for the fire. Bring plenty of cash for the raffle, a hat, don't forget odd socks...

And if you want to come to GoneAgain's fundraiser at Crow's OzRock Inn you have to be quick as Rock-Star Ruth from Kenya is singing. Full house is now expected, so need to book real quick.

Click on http://www.coughing4cf.com/p/nw-tasmania-fundraisers.html to book straight away! Total bargain at $40 per person (if booking a table of 10) or $55 at the door. Some drinks and all entertainment included. Must RSVP or book before Tuesday 24 July!

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