July 9, 2012

Run de Wells

Monday 9th July 2012.

Run starts at Station Square in Latrobe (next to Wells Supermarket) at 6.30pm.
On On will be back at Tinsels place on Tarleton Road after run.
Bring the usual $$$ for run and raffle.

On On

Le TOuR de PiSSe--------------------------
Your choice of le Walk, la Run, or en Motorcycle.
  • Saturday September 15th, 2012, Registration and Aperitifs from 1pm from the Oz Rock Inn, Beach Road, Ulverstone.
  • Well lubricated motorcycle ride through our best King of the Mountin’ cuntryside, or a beachside walk -r*n -stagger with more piss stops than a dog in a lamp-post factory.
  • A ride to remember (or not) and fantastic Hashing value - only $50 gets you le vin, le croissant, le soixante-neuf vol-au-vent & la beau chapeau. (merchandise, food, drinks, party, chance to speak in outrageously bad French accent).

Accommodation: To book sites/units at the adjacent Ulverstone Caravan Park(Big4), Water Street,  Ulverstone: ph.64252624

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