June 19, 2012

OnOn in the Cave

It was raining on the way in, it was raining on the way home, it rained as we had the circle, but if there was a sun after dusk it would've shone on us during the run. The Hash Monk did an admirable job keeping us dry during the 30 minute run. Maggie set the run heading West into the bush, then sensibly returned East before we got lost in the dark and unkempt Turners Beach Wilderness behind Camp Clayton.

Maggie's grub was surprisingly palatable, leaving the pack wondering whether there was a new woman in his life. Eyes were turned upon various male Hashers as suspected candidates for Maggie's new bitch.

Maggie's cave was a remarkable scene too, with his lighting provided gratis by the solar panels hanging off the ceiling facing the flood light. Amazing how he rigged it up so the flood light effectively powered itself. Genius. It is no wonder his carbon taxable petrol powered and oil leaking Mini was hidden under many boxes. With innovative perpetual electrical power at hand he's probably driving something electrical (the battery laden hybrid Mini perhaps). To remove any doubt about Maggie's passion a dissected motor was strategically placed next to the table.

The under-deployed and over-sexed Flasher provided a wealth of fabulous prizes fresh from Asia, including stickers advertising this website as www.dhash.cum. There was a noticeable absence of 4hr uninterrupted porn DVDs.

Next Run:

Where:                  Surf Drive, Behind 'Wild' - Penguin
When:                    Monday 25th June  at 6.30ish
Hare:                      Mr. B.A.Stard
You Need:           $10 for run, $s for raffle (special prizes!), warm clothes, sense of humour

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