July 29, 2012

Throw another plate on the fire!

That's right. We ran from Dint and Koff's place. Plenty of tomato sauce and plenty of flour on the run. The fire was doing well due to Dint's secret formula; plastic.  As the flames roared the dioxins, the carbon monoxide and  the furans engulfed us healthy runners. It kept the pack warm in the chili East Devonport night.

Where:                  Dyke's Garage
When:                   Monday 30th July  at 6.30ish
Hare:                     Dyke?
You Need:             $10 for run, $s for raffle, gum-boots, sense of humour and dry socks.

There may be a treat in store. Make sure you come if you like Seven Sheds Kentish Ale!!
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