July 7, 2008

Senior Old Fart Hasher Advice

Devonport Hashers need to be made aware of the responsibilities of major office bearers.


GRAND MASTER - Only a figure head. Does nothing!

JOINT MASTERS -  These guys are responsible for organising major Devonport Hash functions etc. including AGM.

TRAIL MASTER -  is responsible for securing run list in advance. Not week to week. This gives the hare some time to think about the run he/she has to set.





(Senior Old Fart Hasher)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your trail master is not aware of the tradition surrounding his office? This method has worked for generations of TM's. As follows:- Produce a list of hares for the next 3 months - on paper - and hand it round at the hash circle. None of this democratic consultative crap.

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