July 22, 2008

Hub in safe hands

Beer Bitch PB gives “The Look” after being vexatiously awarded the Hub at Bald Eagle’s run.  Her glare bored a hole through 40mm plate steel, deeply singed the concrete floor, and killed every blade of grass within a 5 km radius. Cheese, the object of her displeasure, was strangely unaffected.  

It was a cold mother of a night, with Tracka offering around anti-freeze in the guise of an Absinthe bottle. A pack of 25 or so ran/walked in a chequer pattern across East Devonport until they were hypothermic.  Back to Eagle and the Nest for icy beer, toasty food and a red hot circle, then on to Dyke’s new house with special HHH carpet for après Hash treats and just one more glass if I must.  A good night, with not so much as the sniff of a GPS.   On On 



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