November 16, 2009

Eagle's skirt around Dooleys

Damn straight, we ran around Dooleys today. Around the perimeter, up Lochner Street, and back over.... All the run details are <here>.

Mullet and Lenny coming out of the wilderness at dusk...

Downdowns for all sorts of far fetched reasons and a rigged raffle that saw HandJob with three prizes...

Next run set by Tracka from the Henry Somerset Orchid Reserve off the Railton Road somewhere, where we will be at a prime time to trample any of the 43 recorder orchid varieties. OnOn at FogHorns in Talbor Ct of Melrose Road.

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And PS we received this message... No idea who they are, please enlighten me in a comment:

Moved over from Perth, we were running with Wigram H3 back home in NZ. Wigram is a pretty non athletic group more interested in walking or jogging to the beer, do you cater for the slow types or are you a pretty full on group like Garden City? Hope to hear back soon
Afterburner & Diaphragm

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