July 2, 2011

Bald Eagle's Nest

Before we forget.... Next run (4 July 2011) is from Eagle's Nest: 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport. If you thought Australia doesn't have 4th of July, think again. We do have it here, we just don't celebrate it like our Yankee Hashers OK. Well come in stripes if you like!

Last week's run was from Tracka's work garage. We all dutifully walked over to the Tenpin Bowls place and bowled over the innocent pins without a drop of alcohol. We dashed back to the on-on for a quick fix of traditional Beer and Pizza. Yummoh said all of us, as we had our down-downs and the obligatory hash-raffle.

Word went round that certain people are taking roadies from Hash, which is not good Hash protocol. The runs are worked out at $10/run on the assumption each hasher drinks 1-2 drinks, so unless we want to cough up more every week lets stick to the plan! For the thirsty hashers we recommend they invest in an extra raffle ticket to cover the excess consumption. And please do not take roadies!

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