July 27, 2011

Christmas Wrap

Guardsvan set this week's innovative trail using power poles instead of flour - a great idea unless you make a mistake and have to rub out a bit of trail - you'd need a chainsaw...
Runners and walkers were given cards with a list of the pole numbers to find on their trails, and it all worked a treat. Although a false trail is impossible on this sort of run, Dyke still managed to make one and did an extra 3kms for his sins. Perhaps as this was a Christmas themed run, he went in search of the North Pole.
The Forth Pub proved impossible to bypass on the trail home, and Poxy coaxed some drinks out of the formidable bar wench even though she had closed the taps off for the night.
Back at the Guard-house, Santa had a wonderful festive feast laid out. Turkey aplenty (the roasted one, and then there's Dint) and the meal was perfect down to the last detail, served with the best bone handled silver and even cranberry sauce! Lions fruit cake morphed into Plum Duff with the clever addition of randy custard, and there was a vat of Madeira on hand to wash it all down.
Guardy's lippery was quick and quirky, and the hub was awarded but I have no recollection of the lucky recipient. A top raffle, with very few Hashers fortunate enough to avoid winning something. That USA porn has a real fear factor, six hours, I mean, really!!!... just looking at the covers is seriously eeeeiiwwwwww! And none of them are wearing Santa hats.
Well done Guardsvan, a great night - you really are a very curly Hare.
Next week's run is being set by Black Trakka from the Latrobe Library in Gilbert Street, with on afters removed to the Tarleton Road establishment.
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