August 7, 2011

Here cums the Fuzz

A small pack engaged in a dampish stroll around Latrobe's north side, studiously avoiding any bits of Black Tracka's trail which were deemed excessively soggy, a danger to sissy white shoes or in any way liable to mess up one's hair. Even the r*nners hashed the guts out of the muddy bits. The on on was removed to the relative comfort of Tinsel's garage for bevies and some great nosh. Dim sims with peas and corn, pasta with peas and corn, and chocolate cake with peas and corn for afters.
The wrigged wraffle had a homespun flavour with Crow taking home the crocheted velcro gloves and PB winning some knitting needles and yarn. She was quick to showcase her earthy country talents, whipping up a knobbly mirkin-warmer in next to no time. Any fool can make a scarf...
This week's r*n is from Lucky B*tch's place, 10 William Street Forth, and will be set by Killer.
On On
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