August 15, 2011

City 2 Turf

 A wicked wet and windy night failed to deter a hardy pack of 12 from searching for the frothing dots of self raising flour over a wide area of Devonport's least fashionable addresses. The r*nners were soon back home and into the sherbets and nibblies. The wa*kers took an hour longer to return, as they were on the same trail, probably about 8km in length and very attractive in the dark it was, too. No f*kn idea where we went, and forgot to turn on the r*nkeeper so I'll never know.
There was one lonely chip left in the bowl when we returned and no one would eat it in case it had been somewhere seriously unhygienic. Dyke soon brought out the main event and it was too hot, and then he brought out dessert, and it was too cold. Luckily the port was just right, so we drank it all up. Cheese and Dini were in charge of the rigged raffle again and made a crushing loss, and Bald Eagle won something he actually wanted. It would never have happened with Flasher in charge. Crow won the porn and was very impreessed with the twins on the front cover, I didn't have the heart to tell him there was only one. A little pack with a very big heart this evening, way too many bad jokes, a really good night.
Next week's Devonport r*n 6.30 pm Monday August 22nd is being set by Crow from the Oz Rock Inn Ulverstone. And don't forget the Burnie r*n this coming Sunday from the Penguin Golf Course starting at 3pm.
On On Dini

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