August 10, 2011

Go Forth and Divide

 A pack of thirteen set off from the Grange on a night when the weather said "stay indoors you dumb b*stards", but Hashers never listen, do they. This was a note run for the illiterati, with Hare Killer providing photographs instead of written instructions. The first picture revealed Guardsvan's house, so off we all traipsed up that blooming jolly big hill, slopping and sloshing as the muddy water gushed by. The walking and running packs split here. Next picture for the walkers was of the Pub, and so keen were we to follow that instruction, none of us hung around to find out where the runners were off to. Dint arrived at the pub around the same time, banging on about there being no trail, so Tracka gave him instructions ("f*ck off, any direction you like"). Once inside the Pub we realised that it was almost closing time, the barmaid needed help to clear the beer lines so we applied ourselves to the task. The Sav Blanc lines were full too, apparently.
 Duty done, the next picture we opened showed the shop, but most piked and headed for home. Back at the Grange the pack dived into Lucky B*tch's superb nosebag and bevies, and some of that deja vu chocolate cake. Crow poxied the lip and delivered downs with a randomness that only Fastway couriers can match. Dini and Cheese stood in for absent Flasher, raffled everything all at once, and blew the raffle budget big time. PB's beautifully twice-knitted scarf was won by Dint, it was long enough to wrap aroud his neck eight times but only long enough to go around his head once. FC made a welcome return for a cameo run, and Thrust dropped by later to see what she'd missed out on.
Next week's run is from Dyke's place, 2/64 Tugrah Road, Devonport.
On On Dini

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