July 20, 2011

The Day After

It was a shell-shocked pack who took to the deserted pathways and beaches of Coles Beach after the holler-caust. Mostly runners, but a dedicated group of strollers, sufficient to warrant the big flour "W" laid by the Hare Poxy after many hills, stairs and loops and even a mastercheck on the beach. PB put on a great spread, sans Muffin but avec Chocolate cake, so she is redeemed. The alphabet soup caused more dyslexia than dyspepsia, and the Pies were winners (unlike the Hawks who had a bye). Guardsvan embraced the lippery like the tart I suspect he is, and no one escaped without a good rogering. Poxy took the Hub again for contributing to the national debt by having the RBA governor buy him lunch.
Next week we are at Guardsvan's establishment in William Street Forth for a celebration of Christmas in Winter. 6.30, Monday 26th July. Wear a Christmas Hat and bring the usual $10, raffle money, odd stockings and extra Christmas spirit if you are a p*sshead.
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