December 21, 2010

Ho Ho Ho at HHH

Christmas was celebrated in the North West in traditional Hash Style. Burnie Hash was overwhelmed by Devonport Hash who all politely showed up respectably late. Phaywray and her little helpers cooked up a storm and no one was felt wanting for more... Well, except Santa of course. We all wanted more of him. We all duly sat on his lap hoping for that little bit more, but short of a flashing smile Santa Ringo was awfully well behaved.

The next night at Crow's abode, saw Devonport Xmas Hash started with several circles on the beach. Not sure if they were employees of the renowned Oz-Rock-Inn, just ring-ins or just a flook, but two beach bunnies showed up for a photo session, drooling over the handsome Santas present and wanting to sign on the HHH dotted line immediately. GoneAgain set the minimum Hashing age at 12 to cover all possibilities and promptly was told off with a down down and Cheese reminded him that the minimum age was 16. Miraculously the beach bunnies still qualified and we shall be expecting them to show their smiles at the next hash (even though they went to school in Launceston)!

Numerous runners made it to the end of the Ulverstone Rock Wall, and from there on the night degraded steadily with the lip having to hand out spankings with a wooden spoon and writing out sexual favour cheques for the goody -two-shoes who failed to join i against the lip. The night briefly reached a new climax with a superb meal at the ORI (Oz Rock Inn) but after that we resorted to the usual low standard of entertainment which included pole dancing (Crow wiped the pole with his tongue after each session). The night came to an abrupt halt when Crow was floored by his own entertainment unit which threw a heavy loudspeaker at him after he failed to maim himself on the pole.

Next Devonport Hash run shall be from the Tasmanian Arboretum on the Old Tramway Road near the Huge Banana (Eugenana).

God Protect Launceston as they are having LoonRhasH Christmas at the Duke of Wellington hotel at 7pm  with a pub-meal. 

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