December 14, 2010

Christmas Run 20th December

Our Christmas Party will not be cancelled due to sexually inappropriate advances. At our age (average Hasher is now a respectable 38) that just is not going to happen.
Our own Devonport Hash Christmas party will be hosted from Crow's Oz Rock Inn on Monday 20th of December (Beach Road, Ulverstone) at 6.30pm-ish. Bring spare shoes and gear in case someone decides you go for a swim.

Dress with a Christmas flavour ... you turkey!!  Beware of the man with the big red nose.

And on the Up and Cumming list we also see that the other frivolous festive events are as follows:
  • BURNIE HASH Christmas: Sunday December 19th - 5pm from Burnie Spotlight. Bring plate of food and a secret santa gift worth at least $500.
  • LoonRhasH Christmas at the Duke of Wellington hotel in Launceston: 7pm Tuesday December 21st. Pubmeal.

1 comment:

Mistress Dini said...

A few holes in this one GA!
Let's try December 20th, at 6.30pm! You got the venue right though.

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