November 2, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

Dogs everywhere! Soff, Fanny May, Crab, and co-hare Handjob contributed two canines to the pack on this tit-for-tat-because-Hobart- gets-one Monday public holiday.
The dog-free runners bolted into the blue and the dog-walkers meandered along to the bike track, collecting dog-shit bags on the way. By the time they reached the Mastercheck at Camp Clayton, the bags were full and Bastard handed out new ones. Trail headed for the sea but stopped short at another MC by the railway line.
Some made like a train, but Soff convinced them to hash back along the beachfront. It was a clear and crisp evening and the walk by the pounding surf was refreshing, even if the rolly rocks made it hard going underfoot. The walking pack gathered briefly at the seaside church to pray for world peace, free dog food and more beer. On home by various means - railway, grass and through the back of the old motel and onto the streets.
There were more dogs to be had on the streets and the pack was waylaid while A Bit of This patted a puppy with a crooked ear, but the dogs and their owners were soon put in their place by this bikey-mole pussy.
Back at the kennel, Mabel ran a tidy circle but lost sight of the hub until it was rescued by Koff and awarded to Cheese for his creative sporting prowess. The raffle was over-run with Halloween seconds which made some of the winners horny. Wraffle wrigger Flasher's collection of perpetual prizes grows, and now incorporates not only highly desirable second-hand porn but a third-hand packet of winged Kotex.
Next week's run is from the Roberts carpark in Devonport, with the On On at Eagle's place, 25 Torquay Road East Devonport.
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