November 24, 2010

East of Loonsville

 Even Ringo was worried about the late start to this week's combined DH3 LoonR R*n. Maybe he was afraid he might miss out on his Pub meal if we didn't make it back on time. Luckily Dint had been very restrained and the r*n was quite short, looping around the prettier areas of East Devonport and finishing with a stroll past the local zoo. (what's that you say? it's a caravan park?)
 Soon the sizeable pack was back and loitering outside the lovely old church, wondering where the Launceston contingent had got to. It's not too hard to work out that they would be at the nearest pub. Poor Hash Pash had drawn the short straw again and was Des, and there was no flashing Fanny May to make it worthwhile!
 The Edgewater's dining area was soon vacated to accommodate the rowdy pack, and stand-in wraffle wriggers Dini and Cheese terrorised the hearts and wallets while the meals were prepared. PB showed off her new Hash Tattoo which has a subliminal message for Poxy - I feel it may be too subtle.
 Hash circle returned to Church Street where Hare Lip Dint let the power go to his mouth. Lots of downs and good fire kept the Loons out quite late. The moon hid itself behind the clouds, but when the other moons came out they lit up the entire street.
Next week's run November 29th@ 6.30pm is the AGM from Poxy and PB's place, 3 Eugene Street Devonport.
On On Dini
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