July 7, 2015

Run 1777

And so it came to pass that about 13 or so intrepid hashers made their way inland to the rural location of Preston. And why would anyone set a run this far into the bush.  Why of course Bedpan did and used her perswasive? powers on Teabag to provide a location for the Onon. Teabag was a non running visitor to Ratchets and Knickers last run and is still visiting and house sitting.

In Bedpans normal logical thinking, she set trail heading further south and still further south until she set HHH at the Preston water falls. Unfortunately, she seems to have missed setting trail along the straight sections of road and the runners were heading every which way, but mostly back to the Onon.  For everyone to get to the start of the run, Crow's new found business under the guise of Uber transported the runners up the road a bit, and the wankers to the HHH.  Some of the wankers proved very wise and, after viewing the falls, climbed back into the Uber vehicle and got out again much closer to the Onon. Those wankers who walked the full distance earned their drinks.

Anyway, back at the ranch, Bastard did the lip and downs were awarded to -

. Cheeze - 530 runs,
. Tinsel Tits - 390 runs,
. Crow - 808 runs,
. Dint - 998 runs after a recount and still practicing,
. Bastard - for being stupid,
. GV - for being biggest loser.
. Cheeze - for giving wrong directions to Bastard,
. Bedpan - for setting trail out of her car, and using up much of Crow's Uber's clutch.
. Bonor - in absentia for an interesting photo in the Advocate - why was he apart from the crowd?

Teabag fed us with rice and curried sausages and followed up with fruit crumble - all very nice.

The raffles were won and won and I won won too. There seemed to be a theme with the prizes - all sweet things like lollies and timtams etc. Cheeze won won too and it was not a blow up doll. One day!

OD was not present, neither was the Hub. Must be that the journey from Wynyard proved too much.

Next weeks run (13th July) will be set by Cheeze from  Coles carpark, adjacent to Macca's at Ulverstone, with the Onon at the Red Grasshopper.

The run after that  (20th July) will be at the Elimatta Hotel in recognition of a 1000th run.
We need more hashers to set runs - what can you do?   C'mon!!!

On On


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